Stands Up for Equal Opportunities

With approximately 380 employees in our three locations in Stuttgart, Berlin and Lisbon, it is obvious that our tribe is full of many different cultures, nationalities, men and women, all working together under one roof. is a relatively young team, about 3 years old, which initially appeared in Lisbon under the name “Mercedes-Benz Digital Delivery Hub”. Since then it has been our goal, to develop excellent digital products that integrate the digital platforms of Mercedes-Benz. For those of you who don’t know us that well, we work in a start-up like environment for the Daimler group, which also includes companies like Mercedes-Benz, Freenow, as well as many others.

Since the beginning of, we’ve been focused on developing the best digital products. We value good candidates, capable of bringing us not only strong technical skills but also the ability to expand teams, help in the development of junior people and to deliver products of which we are proud of.

The Software Engineering market is one of the most competitive ones, not only in Portugal but worldwide. The dispute that exists for the best professionals has shaped companies, recruitment processes and also the benefits offered. More and more candidates are looking to select and choose the companies they want to work with, which means that the times where companies selected candidates have come to an end.

At we value diversity and there are no limits and barriers that we place on ourselves when it comes to hiring good professionals. We look for quality, not only in Portugal, but also in other countries inside and outside of Europe, where we have already hired some specialized positions that could not be found in Portugal. Here, we see it as our responsibility to make them feel like they’re at home.

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Nowadays, we know that the area of ​​ Software Engineering continues to be mostly a male dominant environment. Very few women are taking Computer Science courses and some of them drop out in the early years, reducing, even more, the percentage of women trained in this area who can enter the job market. We know, therefore, that the lower representation of women in the information technology market begins much earlier, starting with teaching or perhaps even in the education people receive. That’s what makes women choose other areas rather than information technology, as they are very often known as a “course for boys”.

We recognize the urgent need to demystify the possible belief that is rooted in our culture, that there are areas “for men and women”, showing instead that the focus of companies is the development of good products for their customers and that for this purpose, it doesn’t matter where we come from, what we wear or what gender we identify with. The fight for the best talent must not only go beyond male / female binarism, but companies themselves must set an example of how to encourage more Women to enter the Software Engineering market.

At we approach the topic of Women in Tech in a natural and fluid way, being 100% aware of the differences in opportunities, the bias when hiring women and the wage gap that may still exist in the job market. In the words of Sónia Reis, one of our Product Designers who is also a mentor in this year’s program: “I would say that at, we work on this topic by not working on it, since here we accept and generate equal opportunities for everyone. It never took a specific team or role to deal with this issue, since we all share the same values. But we are aware that there is a problem due to the small number of women in this area and what we do here, is to set an example, to appeal and show that there is also a place for women in IT companies. We show up and talk about our experience, supporting projects like Portuguese Women in Tech so that more and more women are given the right visibility and skillset that companies look for.”

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So, I would also like to share something that we always say: our team is still growing and learning, which means that there are still many things that we are doing for the first time. We are fortunate to be part of a group that brings us a strong image in the market that allows us to attract good professionals. That does not mean that we are perfect and have it all figured out — that processes, procedures and projects are put together as we would like. It’s a path that we are taking, and I believe that in the short/medium term we aim to be able to focus on many other topics and think about more and more ways to intervene in this community.

Nevertheless, in our almost 3 years existence, with many projects to think about and initiatives still to create, diversity is part of our DNA and as such we could not help but support this initiative and show our position in regard to equality between women and men in ​​the Software Development area.

We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion and we stand up for equal opportunities.

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